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Aspire BVC Coils

Aspire BVC Coils

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The Aspire BVC coil that drives the Aspire CE5, Aspire ET-s Glass and of course the Aspire K1 & K2 quick start kit.

The coils come in 2 different resistance, 1.6ohm, 1.8ohm

These coils are very simple to change and provide a strong retaining customer value.

Works great on all eGo batteries and low end power mods.

  • 5 Pack of Aspire BVC coils.
  • Compatible with Aspire CE5, Aspire ET-S Glass, Aspire K1 tank & Aspire K2.
  • Dual Coil BVC atomizer.
  • Perfect for retaining your customer.

Bottom vertical coils or ‘BVC coils’ are built vertically instead of horizontally. They are manufactured to the highest quality and guarantee a smooth, flavoursome vape every time you inhale.

The BVC coils are an improved version of the BDC (bottom dual coil) technology, allowing for a long lasting vape.


Here at Official Aspire, we supply a wide range of Aspire BVC coils which are compatible with:

  • Aspire CE5
  • Aspire ET-s glass
  • Aspire K1 and K2 quick start kits

Our Aspire BVC coils are available in 2 different resistances: 1.6 ohm and 1.8 ohm. The lower resistance BVC replacement coils are renowned for:

  • strong throat hit
  • more heat
  • more vapour
  • using more battery life
  • using more e-liquid

Higher resistance coils deliver:

  • smooth throat hit
  • less heat
  • less vapour
  • using less battery life
  • using less e-liquid


You can easily switch BVC replacement coils as and when you need to. You simply need to unscrew the metal bottom of the tank and carefully unscrew the old coil, before fitting the new BVC coil, refilling the tank with your favourite e-liquid (if necessary) and screwing the bottom back on.

Using the latest atomiser technology, the Aspire BVC coil can prolong the life of coils and also deliver a superb sensation for vapers - allowing them to create huge vapour clouds whilst enjoying intense flavours.

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