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Elf Bar

Elf Bar Mate500

Elf Bar Mate500

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The Elf Bar mate 500 pod kit is the latest cost effective fully rechargeable pod device released by the makers of Elf bar suitable for beginner and seasoned vapers alike. The environmentally friendly Elf Bar mate 500 is constructed of a sleek aluminium body (Aluminium + ABS)  that’s sleek and compact (only 88mm x 29mm x 12mm) and ideal for on the go and can be recharged as many times as required using its onboard 1A USB Type C charging port and 500mAh rechargeable battery. Operation is simple with its inhale activated mechanism meaning no button operation, simply inhale to enjoy the flavours you know and love.

Similar to the original Elf Bar disposable pod device, the Elf Bar mate 500 pod kit utilises a constant output voltage system internally ensuring the maximum flavour delivery each and every puff. The ELF Bar Mate 500 utilises magnets in its dock to hold in place the prefilled pods and once empty, simply swap the pod for a new one (not refillable).  The P1 pods house a dual coil system (1.2 Ohm resistance) providing richness and purity in every puff and are 99.99% leak free in their design as they use a condensate recovery and storage system.

The Elf Bar mate 500 utilises prefilled Elf Bar Mate P1 pods (does not come as part of the kit itself) for operation and are available in 9 familiar flavours that are used in the standard Elf Bar range providing up to 500 puffs from each pod.

The Elf Bar P1 pods (not included in this kit) are made of PCTG and contain 2ml of 20mg nicotine salt e liquid content to provide a smooth nicotine delivery compared to freebase nicotine liquids. Before loading the pod onto the device, remove the pod from its outer packaging taking care to remove the rubber plug from the top of the pod and also the rubber cover from the base of the pod itself.

To activate a new P1 pod, ensure the red plastic seal on the pod is pushed up as this allows the liquid and the internal coil in the pod to come into contact for use for the first time ensuring liquid freshness. Ensure you wait 5 minutes before use (ideally 10 minutes), allowing the coil to “prime” and be ready for initial use as the liquid soaks into the coil. Install the pod onto the Elf Bar Mate 500 by simply inserting pod into pod area which hold pod in with magnets.   

The Elf Bar mate 500 comes in a range of stylish colours such as Aurora Blue, Aurora Pink, Aurora Purple, Black or Grey

Product specification:

•    Up To 500 puffs (User Dependent)
•    500mAh internal battery (rechargeable)
•    Utilises P1 Pods (Not Included)
•    Auto draw inhale activated
•    5V Charging Voltage
•    Body constructed of Aluminium + ABS
•    Constant output voltage
•    Perfect for new vapers
•    TPD Compliant
•    88mm x 29mm x 12mm dimensions

Product Contents:

•    1 x Elf Bar mate 500 Device (not including pods)
•    1 x USB C Charging Cable
•    1 x Operation Manual

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