How to Look After Your Coils

Fed up of your atomizers not lasting as long as you would expect? Experienced the awful burnt taste when you vape? Or unsure where to begin with your new coils? We are here to advise on the best feasible way to take care of your coils and stop them from being the bane of your life.

Taking care of your coils doesn’t guarantee that they last forever, and they will need to be changed regularly, however, there are steps to take which will help you prolong their life. No one wants to be vaping a burnt wick as this can eventually ruin your entire coil head, costing you more money than is needed. And if you're wondering exactly how a burnt hit tastes, you will be sure to get a bad metallic taste in the mouth. This bad taste or dry mouth sensation doesn't have to happen though...


Priming your coils should always be the first thing you do when you’re putting a new one in.

Without adding juice to your coils before you insert it into your atomizer, can instantly ruin your coils and produce a “dry burn” (also known as the unpleasant taste that no vaper wants to experience!). By simply priming your coils, you are ensuring that they are covered in juice to stop this from happening. And don’t worry - a full bottle of e-liquid is not necessary when priming your coils, a simple 3-5 drops of e-liquid should do the trick! You can almost instantly burn your coils before you even begin to use them if you don’t completely soak and prime your coils beforehand. We recommend waiting between 5-10 minutes after you fill your tank up before you start vaping to ensure that all areas of your coils are completely primed and ready. If you don’t prime your coil correctly, this can result in completely ruining it before you even use it! Which then results in it being completely and utterly useless, and a waste of your money. This is a process that should be followed when switching out new meshed coils, and when adding new pods to any pod vape kits you may have. 


It’s simple, the higher the wattage your e-cigarette is set at, the more vapour you create and the more juice you use. Constantly vaping at a high wattage can cause your coil to struggle and keep up with absorbing more juice, resulting in your coil becoming quickly burnt out. When you insert a new coil, we advise starting at a low wattage and then work your way up but if you begin to feel or taste as though you are not getting the flavour you expect, simply lower your wattage. Depending on which atomizer heads your e-cigarette requires, depends on the recommended wattage that you need to set it at (these are usually advised).


The thicker the liquid, the slower it takes to draw the juice through your coils which can result in dry puffs and burnt wicks! It is advised to use a liquid which has more PG than VG, as this is thinner, however, this is simply down to preference and to what your e-cigarette recommends. The thinner the liquid, the easier it is for your wicks to be quickly re-primed after a vape. High VG e-liquids can take longer to wick your coils due to the thickness of the liquid causing problems for your e-cigarette. If you are regularly having to replace your burnt coils and tasting dry puffs, then this could all be down to the type of e-liquid that you are using. We stock a range of different PG/VG ratio e-liquids in a variety of different tasty flavours.


Keeping your tank topped up with a constant supply of juice ensures that your coils will never run dry! Problems are quickly caused when your juice level begins to run low in your tank. The less juice that is in contact with the tank, the slower it takes for the coils to soak as quickly and selected coil heads require a certain level of juice for it to be able to reach the wicking areas of the coil. A decline in performance (less vapour) and weak flavour is a clear sign of your tank needing to be refilled.

Ultimately, taking care of your coils saves your money in your pocket as once your coil and wick are burnt, there is no going back and the bitter taste will just get worst! Don’t forget to prime your new replacement coils and avoid the awful taste they produce once ruined that can often alter your sense of taste for a little while.