Where Can I Vape?

Where Can I Vape?

So, you’ve chosen your ideal vape kit, you love your flavours and you’re ready to start chucking some clouds. A very common question that gets asked a lot in the UK is “where can I vape?”

In the UK it isn’t illegal to use e-cigarettes anywhere however, it is becoming more common for businesses and various places to ban the act of vaping.

The main thing to bear in mind is common sense and courtesy, especially to those around you who don’t vape. You wouldn’t smoke a cigarette in the middle of a supermarket or in the office so it’s probably best not to throw clouds from your vape in these places either.

Many restaurants, pubs, clubs, and similar establishments will have a no-smoking policy which will expand to include vaping but there are plenty of places out there that will embrace the clouds. The best thing to do is ask a manager or the owner, and possibly other customers around you just to make sure everyone is accepting.

Vaping in outside, open spaces or in the comfort of your own home is probably your best bet. Unless you ask, it’s reasonable to assume that nobody wants a huge plume of lemon sherbet blown in their face when they are sitting in the cinema.

We’ve created a list of places you can and can’t vape in the UK to hopefully prevent anyone from getting into trouble.

Where Can I Vape?

Trains: Vaping is banned on all UK trains.

Airports & Planes: Vaping on a plane is banned and can also set off alarms in toilets. We have a whole blog based on holidays and your vape kit here.

Busses and Coaches: The rules of vaping on busses and coaches varies across each company so it’s always a good idea to ask. London buses have banned vaping on board as well as National Express. If you get caught vaping on either of these operators, you will be removed without a refund.

Stadiums: This also depends on each club. Large stadiums such as Old Trafford and Stamford Bridge have enforced bans on vaping however you might find that smaller clubs have more relaxed rules. It’s a good idea to check with your stadium before you go just to make sure.

Music Venues: Many large music venues have banned vaping. The NEC in Birmingham has banned vaping except when the Vaper Expo UK is held there. Smaller venues might have a more relaxed approach to vaping so it might be worth asking a member of staff if you can use your kit inside.

Hospitals: The rules of vaping on hospital grounds varies drastically across the UK. Hospitals in Scotland have banned e-cigarettes completely. Many hospitals do enforce a vaping ban however, some will have designated vaping areas.

Restaurants & Cafes: There is no current law that bans vaping in pubs or restaurants. Some pubs might let you vape but it’s always a good idea to ask first. The majority of chain restaurants such as Starbucks and KFC have banned vaping across their branches.

Generally, it’s a really good idea to be conscious of your surroundings and be considerate of the people around you, especially if they don’t vape. Always ask if you are unsure and be respectful of rules and restrictions.