How to Spot a Fake ELF Bar

How to Spot a Fake ELFBAR

If you’re a fan of disposables, chances are you’ve either bought or tried an ELFBAR. They are easily the most recognizable disposable on the market and have a wide range of flavours that aid those looking to wean away from cigarettes. Most people simply like disposables because you can just take them on the go and don’t have to worry about losing them. Unfortunately, there’s an entire illicit industry out there that produces fake vape disposables that trick consumers into paying hard-earned currency for phoney goods.

These counterfeit products can be dangerous for several reasons. Firstly, you have no idea what’s in a fake product. As a result, there are literally endless health hazards that could spring up each time you use or buy a fake product. People who have used fake vapes extensively have reported feeling seriously nauseous, and have described getting migraines, blurred vision as well as respiratory problems. These are just the short-term issues people face. Secondly, they give new vapers – who have likely tried to wean away from cigarettes before - a false impression of what legitimate vaping is like. This can cause catastrophic health and financial problems for prospective vapers as they will continually smoke tobacco because they believe that vaping is not for them. Thirdly, many of these fake products can be sold to underage people with impunity because underage people who have fake disposables in their possession will likely not know the difference between a real product and a fake one, and will also be far more unlikely to report criminal activity. Criminal distributors morbidly consider children and underage people their best customers for these reasons.

What’s important to remember is that these fake products do not reflect the perfected standards of the legitimate vaping industry. As such, we thought it’d be a great idea to outline some ways you can spot a fake ELFBAR disposable, starting with the basics, and then running right through to the ‘official process.’ It should be noted that if you suspect that your disposable vape kit or any device you are around is fake, you should not continue use until you are certain they are genuine. This may save lives.

A lot of the time, you’ll find that by the time you suspect your device is fake, you’ve already thrown away the box it came in. You may have noticed a number of side effects from a fake device like loss of taste, dry mouth or loss of sense of smell, or even a taste disorder that has changed the way your taste buds react to food for a while. Prolonged exposure to fake devices can affect your oral hygiene and damage your taste receptors. We’ve outlined some common questions that people ask and the ways you can determine whether your device is legitimate,based on the device alone.

How can I avoid buying fake ELFBAR products?

The best way to avoid fakes in the vape industry is to be always cautious. Reputable websites, proprietors, and distributors will be more than happy to talk to you about goods, and how to use them. Someone who sells you a fake device will be very hesitant to talk to you after purchasing so it’s always good to do a little research on the shop you’ve bought it from if you can. Aside from that, make sure you always check out the security code of each ELFBAR device you purchase. 

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Most Elf Bar disposable vapes deliver 600 puffs with varying nicotine strengths, so if your device delivers far less, or feels like it has no nicotine when it should, that's a clear giveaway.

Why doesn’t my ELFBAR look right?

Telling the difference between a fake disposable and a real one will likely require a little bit more than just looking at it. Each ELFBAR device has a simple, distinct design, making it a very easy case for scammers to replicate. Here is a picture of a legitimate device:

As you can see, the design is sleekly straightforward. If your device does not match this standard image exactly (regardless of the shade that’s based on its supposed flavour), it’s likely fake. If you find your device has some patchy lettering, fading colours or loose parts, that’s another dead giveaway that your device is fraudulent.

Why is my ELFBAR making a strange noise?

When you vape a genuine disposable, you’ll find that it burns e-liquid smoothly for a hit that’s almost like a cigarette. The sound produced by a legit device will likely have a light noise that’s a lot like if suck in air with parted lips. A fake device will likely have a crunchy, almost ‘ticking’ type of noise that sounds anything but smooth. This is a dead giveaway that your device is improperly igniting e-liquid and should be thrown away promptly.

Why doesn’t my ELFBAR taste right? Why does my ELFBAR taste funny? Why does my ELFBAR taste like a battery?

These are some of the most common questions we hear. The smell and taste of fake devices are the clearest giveaways that only come to light after the purchase. A fake device will likely have a highly distorted taste that’ll be much more bitter and rugged than what a genuine product should taste like. This will likely be a revolting revelation for you, and you should not only stop using the device immediately, but you should make sure that you take some time to settle yourself. You may feel dizzy or sickly, so you should have some water and ensure you’re fine before you set off again.

Why does my ELFBAR smell weird? Why does my ELFBAR smell like burning plastic?

When you have a fake disposable, you may smell burning plastic or smell smoke. This is likely from the internal coil burning against the plastic shell of the device. It may also come from the e-liquid itself, which may be burning incorrectly and creating a putrid scent that’s hard to forgive. 

If you find that your device is making a gross smell, it’s a great idea to just throw it away.

How can I tell if my ELFBAR is genuine?

Still need help? If you find that you still need answers, a process is in place that you can certify whether your device is legitimate. Both and have systems in place which use advanced anti-counterfeiting technology to help identify counterfeits. This technology also ensures the quality and safety of ELFBAR products sold to you, the customer. All products sold on are guaranteed to be genuine. All you’ll need to do is locate the authentication label on the box and scratch off its coating to obtain the security code. You can then enter your security code here.