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SKE Crystal

SKE Crystal Bar Vimbull Ice

SKE Crystal Bar Vimbull Ice

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SKE Crystal Bar Vimbull Ice disposable is filled with a fruity beverage blend mixing the flavours of two world-famous drinks. Juicy berries and blackcurrant are combined with energy drink flavours to create a fizzy, refreshing blend.

  • Disposable vape bar
  • 20mg strength
  • Up to 600 puffs per bar

SKE Crystal Bar disposables feature a sleek and stylish crystal-like design and are available in over 30 options with flavours ranging from tobacco to fruit and dessert. This diverse range offers vape retailers options to suit customers of all tastes.

With a 20mg nicotine strength content, Crystal Bar disposables are particularly suited to new vapers who are switching from cigarette smoking and are looking for an easy, straightforward introduction to vaping before moving on to reusable devices.

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